Carolina Medical Electronics offers the largest selection of Blood Flow Probes ranging in sizes from 1mm to 125mm. We offer a variety of different styles and options to provide our clients the best Blood Flow Probe to accommodate there needs. Our Blood Flow Probes are hand made with quality materials to provide our clients with the accuracy and reliability they demand.

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This miniature probe is for acute and chronic, low flow measurements in small animals and rodents.
1 - 10 mm
This forceps probe is for acute flow measurements in most arteries and veins. Particularly well suited for use on diseased vessels.
6 - 125 mm
Extracorporeal probe for flow measurement in bypass or perfusion applications.
1/16 - 1/2 in
The same outstanding features as the 300A Series available with 1 or 2 ports whereby pressure measurements, withdrawal of blood samples, or injections can be accommodated.
1/16 - 1/2 in
Our most popular probe. Suitable for most acute and chronic flow studies.
4 - 125 mm
The popular handle type probe for vein grafts and similar acute applications. Features wide slot with a sliding closure.
6 - 35 mm
The same as the versatile 400 Series probe with the cable at a right angle. For application where the anatomical environment makes it desirable that the probe cable be parallel with the vessel.
4 - 125 mm
Small, lightweight probe recommended for IN VIVO vessel cannulation and perfusion of excised organs.
4 - 125 mm
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