Annual Calibration Service & Repair

We strongly recommend our clients return Flowmeters and Flow Probes for annual calibrations. Carolina Medical Electronics' annual calibration procedures are in compliance with FDA Regulations and will restore your equipment to factory specifications.

Flowmeter & Flow Probes Calibration Procedures
  1. Thorough Visual Inspection
  2. Thorough Mechanical Inspection
  3. Pre-Calibration Tests
  4. Electrode Cleaning (Flow Probes)
  5. Factory Calibration
  6. Post-Calibration Tests
After calibration your Flowmeter and Flow Probes will be restored to factory specifications therefore providing you with the same reliable results as the day purchased.

For more information please contact us at

If you are experiencing problems with your Flowmeter, Flow Probe, or Flow Data 5000 please check under the Support tab for information on common issues; if you are unable to resolve your issue please contact us for service and repair.

Every piece of equipment sent back to CME is repaired by qualified technicians to factory specifications using OEM parts and supplies. After the service and repair is completed the unit is calibrated and tested to ensure proper functionality.

All Equipment sent back to Carolina Medical Electronics MUST have prior authorization and a Service and Repair Form filled out. To obtain a RMA number or for more information please contact us at
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